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House has never stopped, it has followed the evolution of fashion as a personal growth.
The creators of the great classics of Casa +39 have started to develop completely new concepts and styles without forgetting the quality that has always been the fundamental element of all the creations of the brand.


Furniture designed with a new perspective to enhance the style and comfort of your private space.


An intimate private space, designed to meet the privacy needs of the contemporary night with a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Lights and shadows

Lights and shadows seem to embody the matter of living, revealing a skilful culture of the project.

Catalogo Moderno


The modern collection was born to convey the contemporary lines, light and details sought in the market, to convey the absolute harmony and balance to the customer.


Thanks to the brilliant idea of putting together origins and values of craftsmanship with high technology,
Casa + 39 has designed the project collection to provide the company with the maximum supply of material, ease and precision in the installation.


L'esaltazione delle forme e dei materiali con la nostra collezione "Master"


L'audacia e l'intensità dei colori nella stupenda collezione "Maquillage"


Atmosfere sofisticate in ogni dettaglio con la collezione "The New sunrise"


The exaltation of shapes and materials with our "Master" collection


The boldness and intensity of the colors in the beautiful "Maquillage" collection


Sophisticated atmospheres in every detail with the collection "The New sunrise"

News Casa + 39

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