Our new sofas

The importance of choosing a sofa is self-respecting, the absolute protagonist of the living area certainly deserves special attention being at the same time a prominent aesthetic component and place of leisure and relaxation of the family.

Our new collection of sofas is born from the idea of placing at the center of the living room unique elements that highlight the aesthetic taste of the entire room creating an atmosphere that makes the time lived together even more pleasant.

“Innovating in classical collections is how to compose a melody, fine shapes and essences are our notes, only the skilful combination makes them a symphony   “

We started with a choice of materials that could best express our idea of living.

Woods and fine fabrics expertly combined with gold manage to give the classic forms a new life, a new identity more precious that makes majestic even the salons that deserve to be more demanding for their architectural beauty.


L'esaltazione delle forme e dei materiali con la nostra collezione "Master"


L'audacia e l'intensità dei colori nella stupenda collezione "Maquillage"


Atmosfere sofisticate in ogni dettaglio con la collezione "The New sunrise"


The exaltation of shapes and materials with our "Master" collection


The boldness and intensity of the colors in the beautiful "Maquillage" collection


Sophisticated atmospheres in every detail with the collection "The New sunrise"