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Linea & Casa+39 Srl

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" Classic & Modern Residential "

A place with many spaces interpreted in a modern residential character new, contemporary and sometimes metropolitan, which are essential protagonists of new suggestions. The eye opens to our realizations, where styles, colors, materials, cross and sometimes divide, giving space to different areas where every detail is made to be classic or contemporary.

" Hotels and Common Area"

Our works make us protagonists both in the small and large hotels that are the destination of the trip. In them, the atmosphere is the absolute center of living and refined spaces. A place and many places with the aim of sharing. A place with a contemporary taste to a classic, to become the protagonists of new suggestions.

" Office"

New volumes and new spaces in today’s life follow each other in a story of details, materials and light. Soft and pervasive lights, sometimes in sharp or soft contrasts define new purposes of working spaces.


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Arte & Stile

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L'esaltazione delle forme e dei materiali con la nostra collezione "Master"


L'audacia e l'intensità dei colori nella stupenda collezione "Maquillage"


Atmosfere sofisticate in ogni dettaglio con la collezione "The New sunrise"


The exaltation of shapes and materials with our "Master" collection


The boldness and intensity of the colors in the beautiful "Maquillage" collection


Sophisticated atmospheres in every detail with the collection "The New sunrise"

Art & Style

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